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Anti-Bullying Week concludes with Pink Day

Viviana Del Toro

Students participate in Pink Day to help put an end to bullying in schools.

Viviana Del Toro and Alexa Amster, staff writer and copy editor

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South Lakes supported Anti-Bullying Week, which ended Friday, November 18 with Wear Pink Day.

Pink is the color of bullying awareness.  A Canadian boy inspired the color choice after he was bullied and pushed into lockers for wearing pink to school.  He comitted suicide after facing the unbearable torment at school.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance sponsors National Anti-Bullying Week.  The program recognizes that students often face the harsh reality of bullying in school and online.  South Lakes school counselors decided to join the effort and coordinate the week’s schoolwide events.

School counselor Tracey Albert expressed the significance of the movement.

“I think bullying is a big problem everywhere across the country and especially in high schools,” said Albert.  “The National Anti-Bullying program encourages students to commit to the process of preventing and to stand up against bullying if seen.  The grand finale to the different messages given this week in the announcements was the signing of the pledge poster of standing up against bullying.”

According to main office receptionist Liz Knapp, intervening when one witnesses verbal or physical harassment is extremely important.

“Bullying is a very broad term,” said Knapp.  “Physical and cyber bullying happen everywhere.  A definition of a bully is someone who is so insecure and weak and can only feel strong and better about themselves by attacking someone smaller and weaker then them.  It is not right.”

Junior Anna Szima wore pink in support and she hopes that one day bullying will end.  According to her, bullying prevention is a worthy cause.

“I am wearing pink to stand up for bullying,” said Szima.  “With the awareness, I want to bring people together to stop bullying forever.”

In addition to wearing pink, students signed an “I will stand up to bullying” pledge in the cafeteria during lunches to support the cause.

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Anti-Bullying Week concludes with Pink Day