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Locks of Love hair donation scheduled for April 26

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The Locks of Love interest meeting occurred April 16 in the cafeteria. The actual event will take place on April 26 from 3-6 p.m. in the lecture hall.

Locks of Love allows students to donate hair to those who are in the conditions of losing it or have lost it permanently.  Wigs made from the hair are given to kids who cannot afford them.

This is the first time South Lakes will host the drive. Spanish teacher Rebecca Samba brought the idea of Locks of Love here.

“I’ve donated my hair a few times before and I figured there would be lots of students in this building to do the same,” said Samba.

Ten or more inches are needed to make a wig. The other lengths of hair, if shorter are sold. All type of hair is accepted as long as it is not chemically treated.

 “I’ve done it before,” said freshman Maanal Siddigue. “I felt better at the end because it was for a good cause. A lot of people have cancer nowadays and by knowing that just by cutting off seven inches of my hair, which will grow again soon, helped someone made me feel good about myself.”

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