Zodiac Signs as “Friends” Characters


Image via Vanity Fair

Adriana Agic, Staff writer

VIRGO, ARIES : Monica Geller-Bing

Perfectionist Virgo and passionate Aries, you’re Monica Geller-Bing! Like Virgo, Monica is a very efficient, hyperclean, determined, and a hard worker. Identical to Aries, Monica is a natural born leader and will use her quick mind, courage, and assert herself into situations where she believes she can be of help. Virgo and Aries, Monica fits your signs with her need for perfection, determined and courageous nature, natural leadership abilities, quick reactions to situations, competitiveness.


LEO, TAURUS: Joey Tribbiani 

Determined Leo and strong-willed Taurus, you’re Joey Tribbiani! Joey, similar to Leo, is a very confident person, and incredibly generous when it comes to the people he loves. He’s determined, proud, and craves the adrenaline of different experiences, and is also laid-back and tries not to stress over minuscule things. Identical to Taurus, Joey is stubborn especially when it comes to sharing his food. Tribbiani is also independent and would rather try something on his own first instead of asking someone else to do it, similar to Taurus. Leo and Taurus, Joey fits both of your signs with his confident and proud exterior, generosity, stubbornness, love for food/ finer things in life, laid-back personality, and self-indulgent mindset. 


CANCER, SCORPIO: Phoebe Buffay

Generous Cancer and tough Scorpio, you’re Phoebe Buffay! Like Cancer, Phoebe is sentimental, a homebody, prefers to be around close family and friends, loving, has heightened emotions, and has a big and creative imagination which some people may find quirky. Similar to Scorpio, Phoebe is passionate about anything she does, is extremely intuitive, relies on herself, and is very caring and protective of her friends/family. Cancer and Scorpio, Phoebe fits your signs with her intuition, homebody nature, caring nature when it comes to friends/family, independence, and sometimes mysterious personality.


LIBRA, PISCES: Rachel Green

Compassionate Pisces and romantic Libra , you’re Rachel Green! Resembling Pisces, Rachel is a friendly, kind, and artistic person that has strong emotions and is always thinking outside of the box. Relating to Libra, Rachel is a flirtatious, outgoing, and peace loving person. When things are feeling complicated or out of balance, Rachel will do whatever it takes to fix the equilibrium. Libra and Pisces, Rachel fits your signs with her love for romance, commitment, and the finer things in life, outgoing and bubbly personality, artistic nature, and need for balance and symmetry. 



Sociable Gemini and original Aquarius, you’re Ross Geller! Like Gemini, Ross is charming, thrives on knowledge, can adapt well in unexpected situations and circumstances, and has an outgoing personality. Similar to Aquarius, Ross is a realist, sincere, a hopeless romantic, incredibly intellectual, and dependable. Gemini and Aquarius, Ross fits your signs with his intellectual personality, originality, realism, charm, and versatility.  



Philosophical Sagittarius and disciplined Capricorn, you’re Chandler Bing! Like Sagittarius, Chandler is philosophical, outgoing, friendly, enjoys freedom, very blunt and straight-forward, and extremely comedic. Similar to Capricorn, Chandler is clever, quick-witted, exceptionally intelligent, doesn’t usually like to talk about his feelings, driven, and uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism. Sagittarius and Capricorn, Chandler fits your signs with his love for freedom, excessive sarcasm, brutal honesty, intelligence, adventurous and outgoing personality, ability to be friendly towards anyone, and realistic mentality.