Zodiac signs as Little Women characters


Adriana Agic, Staff Writer

Friendly Sagittarius, brave Aries and loyal Scorpio, you’re Jo March! Like Sagittarius, Jo is extremely adventurous and wants to explore the world without feeling tied down. She is independent, free-spirited, intellectual, outgoing, and a voice of positivity in times of crisis. A few traits that Jo shares with Aries include being a risk taker, having high hopes and dreams, being extremely determined and ambitious, being naturally curious about the world, staying strong and supporting others in times of need. Similar to Scorpios, Jo is incredibly creative, protective of her friends and family, and isn’t afraid to express her opinions or thoughts. Also, while she may seem guarded, in reality, she has stronger emotions than you’d think. Sagittarius, Aries, and Scorpio, Jo fits your signs with her free nature, adventurous and independent personality, loyalty to close friends and family members, optimistic aura, unwavering determination, and selflessness. 

LIBRA, CANCER: Theodore Laurence

Loving Libra and caring Cancer, you’re Theodore ‘Laurie’ Laurence! Resembling Libra, Laurie is a hopeless romantic that’ll do anything when it comes to love, expresses his thoughts and feelings without hesitation, can be idealistic at times (especially when it comes to romance), is sociable and can make friends quickly, enjoys spontaneity but also craves balance in life, is cultured and also enjoys the finer things in life. Like Cancer, Laurie can be extremely sensitive, is a family-oriented homebody, cares deeply for the people in his life, values tradition over modernness, craves stability in life and is also very loyal to close friends/family. Libra and Cancer, Laurie fits your signs with his hopeless romantic personality, need for stability and balance, appreciation of the more artistic/sentimental things in life, honesty, openness, and caring nature. 


Loyal Taurus, social Gemini and charismatic Leo, you’re Amy March! Like Taurus, Amy is persistent when it comes to what she wants, supports the people close to her/the people she cares about, has a large heart, is independent and truthful about her feelings. Similar to Gemini, Amy is versatile and can adapt to her surroundings, has a charming personality, has a very inquisitive personality, enjoys entertaining people and socializing. Like Leos, Amy is courageous and not afraid to take risks, has an optimistic view on the world, is extremely charismatic and confident. Taurus, Gemini and Leo, Amy fits your signs with her, self-confidence, versatility, strong-willed nature, charm, socialness, high ambition naturally curious and bubbly personality.


Determined Capricorn and practical Virgo, you’re Meg March! Meg, like Capricorn, is an extremely hard worker, thinks about situations realistically and logically, goes after the things she wants in life, values tradition and hard work, is cautious and conscientious, and is extremely responsible. Similar to Virgo, Meg often expresses her thoughts and opinions, is extremely intelligent, analyzes situations before making any decisions, is practical, and charms anyone she meets. Capricorn and Virgo, Meg fits your signs with her responsibility, constant hard work, determination, analytic nature, efficiency, precision, and reserved personality. 


Artistic Pisces and creative Aquarius, you’re Beth March! Like Pisces, Beth is a compassionate person that cares about others, is extremely artistic and creative, can seem shy at first but will open up and become much more sociable, enjoys helping other people and enjoys using her imagination to conjure new ideas and thoughts. Similar to Aquarius, Beth is a humanitarian that focuses on the wellbeing of others, approaches situations with a cool head, is altruistic, values originality and creativity. Pisces and Aquarius, Beth fits your signs perfectly with her kind, big and selfless heart, originality, artistic talent, kindness, compassionate nature, and beautiful personality.