Rex Orange County Accusations

Alexander O’Connor, better known as the singer Rex Orange County, has been accused of sexually assaulting a women 6 times over the course of 2 days in London. The singer pleads not guilty to the charges.


The woman claims that he had assaulted her twice in the West End Borough on June 1st and four times on June 2nd, once in a Taxi cab and three other times in his home. 


O’Connor rose to fame in 2017 while working with Tyler the Creator on his album “Flower Boy.” His most popular songs, “Pony” and “Who Cares?” both hit the top ten on the Hot 100 Billboard Chart. 


O’Connor appeared at Southwark Crown Court, pleading not guilty to the allegations. The trial date has been set for January 3, 2023.


“Alex is shocked by the allegations which he denies and looks forward to clearing his name in court.” O’Connors representative said in a statement.


Fans are heartbroken and angry over the allegations. The internet has gone crazy over the allegations, with many tweets attacking the singer and showing their heartache for the victim. 


“I started crying almost instantly because I knew nothing was going to be the same after hearing this.” said Kaya Ellis, a fan that had gotten an arm tattoo dedicated to the singer.


“How do I unlisten to 5 years of Rex Orange County?” another dedicated fan tweeted. 


O’Connor has canceled his shows in Europe, New Zealand and Australia “due to unforeseen circumstances.”