Team Hailey or Team Selena?


Hailey Baldwin-Bieber is drowning in social media hate over the years she spent copying singer and actress Selena Gomez’s every move. 


Gomez and Bieber dated for 8 years starting back in 2010, when their relationship was under constant criticism by paparazzi and social media. The two split in 2018, shocking the nation. About six months after this breakup, Baldwin and Bieber married and now share the same name. 


TikTok users have been flooding the TikTok  “for you” page with evidence of Hailey Bieber’s marriage to Justin Bieber being some sort of act. All of this drama started after Hailey posted a photo to her Instagram of her and a friend, which fans assumed was her making fun of Selena’s eyebrows. After that, everything went downhill for the model and fans are having a blast making fun of her. 




  • Hailey has been seen with a tattoo of the same ring that Selena has worn. 
  • After the debut of Selena’s cooking show Selena + Chef, Hailey posted a cooking show on her Youtube account. 
  • Selena is on film saying she wants people to “know her heart”, and years later on the Jimmy Fallon show Hailey wished “people just knew [her] heart”. 
  • They both have the same tattoo behind their ears in a similar font. Selena’s tattoo was a  lowercase g for her younger sister Gracie that was done in 2015, and Hailey’s was done in 2017 for no apparent reason. 
  • Hailey has also been seen wearing clothes similar to Selena’s, and posting photos in similar poses. 


Gomez has commented on Tik Toks referencing the feud, stating that it was unnecessary. She hasn’t posted any videos on the topic, demonstrating to fans that she is simply above all of the childish drama and truly killing with kindness. 


This hate has included videos of Justin on his birthday, where he seems to be bothered by Hailey’s presence. Fans of Selena are also posting Selena’s videos which Hailey has recreated, calling her a wannabe. Fans just can’t seem to get over Justin and Selena’s relationship; (elaborate more). There have also been speculations that Justin only married Haley in order to get a visa, as he was born in Canada and also has had troubles with the law in the past. 


Where will all of this drama lead? It is a concern that the hate will interfere with the Bieber’s marriage, but is any of it really true? All we can do is stay tuned.