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QRU? Peter Moran

Lily Shtuhl, staff writer

January 11, 2013

Senior Peter Moran is captain of boys lacrosse and is working to lead his team to a victorious season in the spring. How have you and your team been preparing for the upcoming season? We’re getting out, playing together, and trying to establish some team chemistry. Hopefully by the time February ro...

QRU? Jake Andrich

Sarah Wood, staff writer

January 10, 2013

Senior Jake Andrich has been on the Swim and Dive team for three years. As a captain this year, he is really enjoying his time on the team. How is dive going this year? We are doing a lot better than we were last year. This year we have a couple freshmen on the team and they are improving a lot....

QRU? Kyra Stosch

QRU? Kyra Stosch

Chris Marshall, staff writer

January 8, 2013

Sophomore Kyra Stosch has been on the gymnastics team for the past two years. When did you start doing gymnastics? I started doing gymnastics when I was eight. I used to be on a club team but it just got to be too much so decided to just play for the school. What is your favorite aspect of ...

QRU: Christine Kelly

Julia Persing, online writer

January 7, 2013

Miss Crissy Kelly is one of a hand-full of personal development teachers and an avid runner and last month she ran a marathon. What were your reasons for running the marathon? My sister has always run marathons and so she inspired me to do it. She told me she thought I could, and I’ve been runn...

QRU? Christmas Elf Nicki Garanzini

Chris Marshall, Staff Writer

December 20, 2012

For the past three years senior Nicki Garanzini has been dressing up as an elf and handing out candy canes to friends and fellow students. When did you start dressing up as an elf? I don’t think I did it during freshman year but I definitely did It during sophomore year. So it’s been at l...

QRU? Megan Fontenot

QRU? Megan Fontenot

Viviana Del Toro, photo editor

December 7, 2012

 Junior Megan Fontenot is an aspiring actress who hopes to make it big with Disney.  When did you start theater?  I have been doing theater for as long as I can remember. I took parts in shows since middle school and I have been doing shows outside of school and taking classes. I’ve been doin...

QRU? new security specialist Traci Waller

Marshall Gordon, online writer

November 21, 2012

Staff security specialist member Traci Waller swapped with former security specialist John Coleman who is now at Herndon. Tell us a little about your past and what you did before you were at South Lakes? This is my first year at South Lakes High School and I’m very excited to be here. I’ve l...

QRU? Marine veteran, IBMYP coordinator Tor Strom

QRU? Marine veteran, IBMYP coordinator Tor Strom

Rachel Rogers, online editor

November 12, 2012

IBMYP Coordinator Tor Strom celebrated Veterans Day, honoring the men that fight for our country while remembering his own years in the Marine Corps. Why did you join the Marines and how old were you when you did? I joined the Marine Corps right after high school in 1987. I was from Fairfax Cou...

QRU? New physics teacher Ryan Marsh

Omar Farooq, online writer

October 17, 2012

Physics Teacher Ryan Marsh joined the South Lakes team this year as a Physics 1 and IB Physics 1 teacher. How do you like South Lakes so far? I like it a lot. The students here seem to have a very good work ethic, there are no behavior issues and I don’t have to keep kids on task. Everybody ...

QRU? 10th grader Junior Melendez speaks eight languages

Michae Baylor, online writer

October 16, 2012

Junior Melendez is a quiet student. Nobody knows his real talent. He can speak almost eight languages fluently.  After practicing all summer, Junior is going to try to find a job as a translator. How many Languages do you speak and can you name them?  I speak eight languages: Spanish, English...

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