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Miss Crissy Kelly is one of a hand-full of personal development teachers and an avid runner and last month she ran a marathon.

What were your reasons for running the marathon?

My sister has always run marathons and so she inspired me to do it. She told me she thought I could, and I’ve been running for a long time so I thought I would give it a try. Try something new.

Where was the marathon?

The marathon? It was the marine core marathon .Which starts by the pentagon in Virginia and runs through D.C and then back into crystal city and ends again at the pentagon in Virginia.

How did you train for the marathon?

We got a training plan from online and it had us run, my running partner and I, four times a week. Three times during the work week short runs anywhere from three to 8 miles. And then one long run on the weekends. And I started on June 26th and the marathon was October 28th.

How did you mentally prepare yourself before the marathon? When you were about to start running?

I did a lot of visualization trying to imagine what it would be like to start the marathon and different parts of the marathon. I had talked to a lot of people, they gave me a lot of good running advice, to have fun, try not to stress out, enjoy it, and that really helped, and like I said I knew what the course would be so I pictured myself running through it and I pictured myself crossing the finish line and I think that really helped me.

What did you feel after the marathon?

I felt great, it was the best feeling ever I felt accomplished and giddy and like it was the biggest thing I’d ever done.

Do you plan on running anymore marathons in the future?

I think I would like to do the marine core marathon again next year, so I’ll have to start training in June again.

What was your time?

My time was 4:33. Four hours and thirty- three minutes.

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QRU: Christine Kelly