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New teacher series: After 27 moves, Sweeney comes to South Lakes

Shannon Sparger, contributing writer

September 30, 2011

English teacher Donna Sweeney joins the Seahawk family after moving from Nevada. Sweeney has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for 30 years.  During this time, she has lived in 27 different addresses and has taught English for 17 years. One of the many places Sweeney has taught...

Seahawk parent shares post 9-11 military experience

Grace Erard, news editor

September 29, 2011

Following the terrorist attacks on September 11, thousands of U.S. troops were deployed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Sergeant First Class Mark Johnson, father of senior Tim Johnson, was among them. Johnson remembers exactly where he was and what he was doing at the time of the attacks. “As...

New teacher series: Podcasting leads instruction in Patel’s classroom

Sahana Thirumazhusai, contributing writer

September 28, 2011

Biology teacher Amol Patel joined the South Lakes faculty this year, bringing with him a unique teaching style. What makes Patel’s class different?  For homework, students take notes off of podcasts on Blackboard.  Once class starts, there is a quick quiz, followed by students working on labs. “There...

Freshman’s grandfather saw Pentagon attack first-hand

Andrew Billingsly, contributing writer

September 27, 2011

Colonel Harold Billingsly worked at the Pentagon when the devastating crashes of 9/11 happened, working on the same side where American Airlines Flight 77 crashed. During that crash Harold found out several of his friends died. “When I realized my friends died, I felt devastated and horribly...

New teacher series: Counselor shows passion for ice hockey

Ryan Galliher, contributing writer

September 27, 2011

Counselor Jeremy Moffitt began his first year at South Lakes as a counselor for students with the last names beginning with A-Burk. Moffitt was born and grew up in Fairfax, Virginia.  Moffitt began studying psychology in high school and really enjoyed it.  He continued his studies during college...

New teacher series: Cycyk begins her second year of teaching

Sabrina Nasir, contributing writer

September 26, 2011

Social studies teacher Meghan Cycyk comes to South Lakes after completing her first year of teaching at West Potomac High School.  Cycyk is familiar to South Lakes, however, as she has completed her student teaching here. She absolutely loves South Lakes. Cycyk enjoys teaching all grades, but...

New teacher series: Fulbright scholar inspired to teach math

Daniel He, contributing writer

September 21, 2011

How can you tell if a teacher cares about his or her students? One way is to see if he or she was a “Fulbrighter.” Two years ago, math teacher Jessica Yen had an opportunity to travel to Taiwan to do the thing she loved most- teaching. The Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Program...

New teacher series: Washington fills new position of dean of students

J.D. Wallace, staff writer

September 20, 2011

Along with the entire new group freshman, South Lakes welcomes a new dean of students, Tony Washington. “A dean is an administrative position that deals with everything in the school,” said Washington.  “It comes with a lot of work, dealing with kids, and also helping out with teachers.” Washington...

New teacher series: Kolejian joins science department

Niki May, staff writer

September 15, 2011

IB Chemistry teacher Lori Kolejian joins the faculty of South Lakes, bringing a rich, cultural background. Kolejian recently moved to Virginia with her husband from Maryland, but has traveled to many countries all over the world, especially when she was younger. She is originally Armenian, but she...

Summer blockbusters create mixed reviews

Clint Bouttavong, style editor

September 15, 2011

As summer comes around so do summer blockbusters, but this year’s turnout seems to be a mixed bag. The season has its gems like the vampire flick “Fright Night” but it also has its fair share of flops and disappointments. “Fright Night” is a vampire flick that does justice to the original,...

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