Students dress for International Day

Students dress for International Day

Viviana Del Toro

Seniors wear their togas in celebration of International Day. Togas are the exclusive traditional wear of the senior class.

Gargie Nagarkar, online news editor

Of all the spirit days during homecoming, International Day tends to have the least participation.

This was reflected again this year when the senior class won with 57 percent participation, while the freshmen took last place with only 28 percent.

A major problem was that not every student has access to international clothing.

“I think it’s harder for people to find something to wear, than just finding yellow, or some other color,” junior Megan Luckenbaugh said.

Other students are uncomfortable wearing clothes from a different nation and choose not to participate.

“Maybe people are embarrassed to show or wear international clothes,” freshman Kathryn Paiewonsky said.

Despite these concerns, many seniors cherish International Day because of the toga tradition. The toga is an outfit that is exclusively used by the senior class, who was seen wrapping up their friends in bed sheets as early as 7 a.m.

“I really like the toga tradition because it unites the senior class as one,” senior Hiba Farah said.

Students should get excited for Blue Green Day tomorrow, which will feature a pep rally at 1 o’clock. The parade will begin at the Hunters Wood shopping center at 5 p.m.