Barbeque added to Powder Puff night; seniors and sophomores win games

Barbeque added to Powder Puff night; seniors and sophomores win games

Charlotte Smith and Viviana Del Toro

Students line up to recieve free food from the pregame BBQ. The BBQ was the first of its kind and is expected to be a tradition for future Powder Puff games.

Rachel Rogers, online writer

Powder Puff was held on Oct. 10, featuring upperclassmen wins, the annual bonfire, and the introduction of a new South Lakes tradition, the pregame barbeque.

The night started at 5 p.m. with a freeBBQ, organized by the Student Government Association and leadership students. The menu included hotdogs, hamburgers, pizza, and buffalo wings as well as water.

Despite the students’ appreciation for the food, many complained about the long wait. Food was eaten faster than it could be replaced, and while no student was sent away without food, many had to wait in line for upwards of half an hour.

According to senior Becky Oswald, an SGA executive and participant in the barbeque, the key problem was the lack of grills.

“We only had one so the food wasn’t made fast enough,” Oswald said. “It’s something for us to think about next year.”

At 6 p.m. the freshmen began their Powder Puff game against the sophomores. Unlike regular football games, the first powder puff game had only two halves, each twenty minutes long.

Sophomores took the lead 14 minutes into the first half when sophomore Sara Vigen ran for the first touchdown of the game. The sophomore team tried for a two point conversion, but could not pull off the play.

With 49 seconds on the clock  quarterback Annika Millerthe scored their first and only touchdown by the freshmen.

Not to be outdone, sophomores scored their second touchdown 12 seconds later and completed a two point conversion.  The first half ended with the sophomore leading 14-6.

The second half featured the addition of another touchdown by the sophomores. The game ended with a sophomore win over the freshmen, 20-6.

The second game of the night between the seniors and the juniors began at 7 p.m. This game had two halves, each 25 minutes in length.

Seniors quickly took put points on the board just two minutes into the game with a rushing touchdown and completion a two point conversion. Ten minutes later the senior team increased its lead by another eight points when Rachel Berman ran for a 70 yard touchdown, the longest run of the game, and scored on a two-point conversion. 

The juniors put their first points on the board when Diana Mazid scored a touchdown five minutes later and converted the two-point conversion, cutting the seniors’ lead to 24-18.

Seniors were not done for the first half, however, scoring another eight points with two minutes on the clock.

In the second half, juniors scored two more touchdowns while the seniors added one touchdown. In one of the highest scoring Powder Puff games on record, the Class of 2013 triumphed over the Class of 2014 with a 32-24 win.

The game wrapped up with players and fans circled around the annual bonfire which was held on the soccer field. The annual event was created not only to ward off the cold that comes from October nights, but also to allow students of all grades to mingle and talk together after their competitive games.