Time Magazine honors DC man who sheltered protestors


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Madelyn Bobko, Staff Writer

Last June, momentous efforts were made to further social equity. Among various events, many protests were held in Washington DC, not far from South Lakes High School. Rahul Dubey, a DC resident, offered protection to more than 70 protesters, which caught the attention of Time Magazine. As one of the “Heroes of 2020,” Dubey is being honored for taking action to shelter protesters who were being pepper sprayed and cornered by the police after DC’s 7 PM protest curfew.


Dubey told Time, “People were coughing, crying, strangers’ pouring milk into strangers’ eyes. They were sharing information, writing down numbers for bail. It was real camaraderie.” 

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The long overnight hours proved eye opening for many. Washington DC is known for its demonstrations of activism throughout the years. When that segment of the First Amendment was repressed during the movement in June, Dubey acted out of compassion. Even today, protesters are thanking him for his selflessness.  One of the protesters sheltered Tweeted after the event, “They shot mace at peaceful protesters in a residential neighborhood. The man that took us in was named Rahul Dubey, he gave us business cards in case they tried to say we broke in.” 


The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) allegedly attempted to break into Dubey’s home three times, acting as protesters in need of a sanctuary. Since the event, many citizens have criticized the police force for misconduct and use of excessive military-style force.

Swann Street Residents Sheltered Dozens Of Protesters From Police On The  Fourth Night Of Protests | WAMU
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When recalling the urgency of his spur-of-the-moment decision. Dubey explained, “I open my door, and I start yelling ‘Get in!’, all these people were swarming in.” Once curfew had ended the next morning, protesters exited through the back door for fear of leaving through the front. No arrests were made, though the police remained outside his home through the night. The 44-year-old healthcare worker related the mass hysteria to being a “human tsunami.”

Rahul Dubey who sheltered D.C. protesters in his home, named Time magazine  heroe - The Washington Post
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Rahul Dubey exhibited the kindness long absent during the pandemic, and the best light of human nature. A well deserving Time recipient, and hero, of 2020.