The 20th Anniversary of 9/11


Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Sofian Halibi, Staff Writer

On September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks took place that would put our nation at a standstill and unite us under one cause. After thousands of lives were lost and a global war on terror, the shock of the terrorist attacks remains one of the most unforgettable events to happen on American soil. 

Twenty years later, we continue to mourn and honor the fallen from such a tragic event. The anniversary of the 9/11 attacks has been met with solemn remembrance and a reminder of how as a nation should come forth under one unified cause. 

The attacks occurred when hijackers took over four airliners and attacked the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, and rural Pennsylvania. 2,977 people were killed and thousands more injured, making it the deadliest terrorist attack in American history.

The attacks were conducted by the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda and their leader Osama Bin Laden. Al-Qaeda was located in Afghanistan which was ruled by the ruthless Taliban. President Bush issued an ultimatum, and when that was ignored, the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan was initiated. The first in the War on Terror.

The Taliban was quickly overtaken, and what was left was a shattered nation of varying religious and social beliefs. The hunt for Osama Bin Laden continued.

In 2011, under President Obama, the man who is largely known as responsible for America’s most devastating attack, Osama Bin Laden, was killed in a covert military strike, and justice was finally issued for those who had passed on that fateful day.

Since then, we have continued to memorialize 9/11 for its terror and the following dramatic history, whether it’s the attacks themselves, the War on Terror, or the killing of Osama Bin-Laden, the memories continue to persist.

Across the nation, people memorialized the 20th anniversary of the attacks. In our community, a ceremony was held at Bailey’s Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department. Bailey’s Crossroads holds additional significance, due to many first responders deploying from there to assist following the attack upon the Pentagon. 

The attacks are held in special remembrance to our local communities, as the Pentagon, a symbol of American security, also succumbed wounds from the attack. Many vividly remember the attacks as they happened so closely. Many first responders also rushed to assist from local fire departments. 

At 8:46am, a moment of silence was held to mourn the attack, the time when the first plane struck the North Tower. 

The anniversary was met with additional political and social discussion. In particular, discussions about the following War on Terror and the recent evacuation of troops from Afghanistan. Politicians were also vocal about the event and their opinions on the event’s legacy on this nation’s political landscape.

Photo via Chip Somodevilla/AP

President Biden attended a ceremony at a memorial in New York and made a speech commemorating the lives lost. Biden also appeared in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia to pay his respects.

September 11th will continue to be a remembered moment in American history for its pivotal role in changing our nation. We will never forget 9/11.