The Reston Supercharger Space Mural


Photo via David Taube/Reston Patch

A mural has arrived at the Reston Tesla Supercharging station and, painted by public and residential art contractor, Jack Pabis, depicts a Tesla electric car cruising in front of the Earth, through space. The charger was introduced to the area in July 2020 with the rise of electric vehicles and electric vehicle financial incentives in Virginia. The property development company, Comstock Holding, decided the area could use more. The company commissioned a number of pieces for various properties, including the Reston Station Tesla Supercharger. Pabis presented a number of ideas to the company and they landed firmly on the car in space.

Decisions were made for the mural in the past , however, work was suspended due to COVID-19 related causes. Pabis resumed work this fall, particularly this November, with the support of Comstock and intends to complete the mural by Christmas 2021. Tesla drivers who use the station have noted the appearance of the mural and Pabis with his van and scaffolding around the station.

Though incomplete, the silhouette of a Tesla car can be seen and is a tribute to the SpaceX rocket launch. The launch used business entrepreneur Elon Musk’s Tesla vehicle as a test dummy. The mural is a homage to the technological innovations made by SpaceX and Tesla, both of which are led by Musk. This achievement, and its relationship with the Tesla Supercharger, is what inspired the particular design for the mural. Plans for more references to the companies’ achievements will be included in the complete mural.