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    AdrienneAug 7, 2023 at 3:12 pm

    Coming at this 11 years into the future, I can attest that the Reston community did just fine over the period of not having a Barnes and Noble. This is thanks to the robust Reston library (most people’s first choice, anyway — I can attest to that because I work there.) Also, Scrawl Books, an independent bookstore in Reston, opened up in 2015. And if you simply have to have the latest bestseller and can’t wait for it to become available at the library and don’t have time to take a detour to Scrawl Books, most of the most popular titles are available at grocery stores or big box stores. B&N is not an absolute necessity for “an intellectual society such as Reston.” But now, for those who were truly missing it, it’s made its way back to Reston, so I hope that satisfies whoever has been heartbroken over its absence this past decade.

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