From the board: students must restrict cell phone use during classroom instruction

From the board: students must restrict cell phone use during classroom instruction

At the beginning of this school year, the administration loosened the rules of the Personal Electronic Device policy allowing for headphones and cell phone use during in the hallways.

However, recent phone use has inhibited instructional time, as students take advantage of the PED policy to use their electronic devices for non-educational purpose.

Over the past few years, technology has made amazing advancements, advancements that have changed the way our society functions. Some of the most notable advancements have come in the field of educational use.

FCPS has made great strides to promote integrating technology into learning as part of its 21st century education initiative.

However, as technological use becomes a critical component of our learning experience, we must be aware that it is a privilege, not a right. As the school year continues, cell phone presence in the classroom has certainly grown to the point where it has become a disrupting factor.

Using technology in the classroom is a new movement that should be encouraged for learning purposes.

Disruptions to the academic environment via cell phone use should not be tolerated. There are too many students who use phones, tablets, laptops, and more in the classroom as a distraction rather than a learning tool.

Using technology in the classroom for personal use, not as a learning tool, has an impact on not only your own education but other students in the class. It is disrespectful to the teacher during instructional time as well. While you are tuned into your text conversations, Candy Crush or Flappy Bird, or social media accounts, you tune out important instructional time. It is imperative that students show courtesy to others, just as they would in a movie theater, by limiting cell phone use to only times when the teacher permits it.

At this moment, the majority of students are not using technology to benefit the learning environment. Students are disrespecting the teachers, other students, and themselves.

This does not mean that the administration should restrict the privileges awarded in the PED policy. Students just have to be aware that cell phone use for non-instructional purpose while a teacher is lecturing or instructing the class is disrespectful and discourteous. If a teacher asks you to put your phone away, do so without resisting, out of respect to your peers and overworked teachers.