TV series “Why Women Kill” tackles topics of marriage, infidelity and more

Adriana Agic, Staff Writer

Many TV shows depict what happens when a character in a relationship is unfaithful. However, CBS’s new show ‘Why Women Kill’, tells the stories of three different women during different decades, with two things in common: the house in which they live and the fact that they have marital problems. 


The show portrays different women struggling with different aspects of their life perfectly. Not only does the show tackle infidelity, sexuality during a repressed era, marital affairs, age-gap relationships, and a very stereotypical topic, polyamory, but the show has three protagonist female characters fighting for their happiness while not acting as a damsel in distress waiting for their ‘Prince Charming’ to come save them. 


‘Why Women Kill’ shows empowered women defying the odds and doing what they want to do instead of letting their husband take control and wear the pants in the household. Each protagonist’s husband seems to be like a supportive and loving partner on the exterior, but on the interior are fighting strong urges that could potentially ruin their marriages, or have an extremely negative effect on their relationship with their spouse.


In the 60’s, Beth-Ann’s (Ginnifer Goodwin) husband is cheating on her with a waitress, skip nearly 20 years and in the mid 80’s our second female protagonist Simone (Lucy Liu) finds out that her husband is cheating on her with men, and in the present day our last female protagonist Taylor (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) has sparked a relationship with her girlfriend Jade, all the while being in an ‘open marriage.’


As the show progresses and the audience gets to know each character better, each couple’s story gets even more complicated. Throuples turn into a seemingly two-sided romance, affairs are broken off while the marriage hurt in the aftermath is trying to heal, and a marriage broken apart by a longtime secret starts clashing against each other because of the pent up anger each person has been holding for too long. 


‘Why Women Kill’ isn’t a cliche whodunnit TV show that only keeps you intrigued about who the killer is, and who’s been killed, but rather a dramedy with plot twists and turns that the audience would never expect! CBS’s new show is a fresh, diverse, insightful show that deals with many stereotypical topics related to marriage and the real world, and handles it tastefully instead of going with an overused plot. The show deals with real life issues (loss, emotional/physical abuse, substance abuse, addiction), brings an equal balance of comedy/drama/romance to the show, all while keeping the main plot secret, but giving the audience little hints as to which character the female protagonists murdered. Watch new episodes of this show every Thursday on CBS, or watch it for free on the CBS app!