Why the South Lakes athletes should be thankful for the South Lakes community

Photo via Rei Linam(@r.linam/Instagram)

Photo via Rei Linam(@r.linam/Instagram)

Seahawk athletes past and present all have one thing in common to be thankful for: the Reston community. The atmosphere that has been created by all the fans and supporters is something that is unlike any other. The energy and passion that is demonstrated by everyone in the community. The praise for the way fans and students of the school show up to the games, and   support their team through thick and thin is something that is unlike any other. 

Athletes from prior graduating classes have expressed their love for the South Lakes community. “The way everyone shows up and just cares about you as more than just an athlete, is something that can never be repaid. People that I had never seen before would congratulate me when they saw me, and it just means a lot to me,” Zac Parker said in an interview. His appreciation for the culture created here is echoed by nearly all of the athletes we’ve spoken to. 

The culture created, though, is not complete. People associated with the sports programs say that the support for the teams is great, but will only continue to improve. For example, during the homecoming football game, South Lakes set a record for most fans in attendance, as the student section was filled to the brim, and then some. This is not only the hype squad, though. The residents of Reston vigorously support all the teams no matter what is happening on the field, court, etc. 

Seahawk alumni come back to support, help, and just talk to the teams and the outreach to coaches, players, and parents is amazing. It can be argued that every high school is like this, and that there is nothing all that special about the South Lakes community. This claim is not valid, because there is no other school that has Seahawk Pride like South Lakes.