Should the holiday hype wait until after Thanksgiving?


Image via Portola Pilot

With Christmas right around the corner for those who celebrate, many people have been wondering, “How early is too early to decorate?” 


Many people think that they are in the right when they decorate before Thanksgiving because they want to mix in the winter and fall decorations. Some people start as soon as Halloween ends. Others think that mixing the two is very ridiculous and don’t begin until December.


I love hanging ornaments on the tree and drinking hot cocoa by the fire. I just think people should wait for the crisp December air. We should wait until we’re all done talking about how thankful we are for each other and carving the turkey. The Christmas hype always begins a little early in my opinion, but with COVID-19 people have started decorating way earlier (read more here). 


This is not to say that people should wait until the week before Christmas to start decorating, or that it’s a bad holiday. It’s just that people should slow down a bit. People will get tired of the music and joy before Christmas is even here. Personally, I think we should wait until after Black Friday to put the tree up, decorate and play Christmas music on the radio. It is known that many people will be excited for the holidays, but we should slow down and wait. 


We need to take things one step at a time, especially during these tough times.