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Mithra Venkatesan and Sierra Hughes January 22, 2024

Mr. Ravenstahl teaches in his classroom by day but that's not all there is to him. Mr. Ravenstahl is an Art 1, IB visual art, and Theory of Knowledge teacher here at South Lakes. He has been an upstanding...

UDA / (Accredited to Varsity TV)

UDA College Dance Nationals

Sierra Hughes, Staff Writer January 22, 2024

UDA (Universal Dance Association) college dance nationals happened from January 12-14th at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort. Over 300 college teams from all over the country...

Image credits reserved to the Stanley Company

Stanley Cup madness at Target

Aleena Wahid, Staff Writer January 17, 2024

One of the most viral items is a type of water-bottle called a “Stanley.” Stanley's range from 14 to 60 ounces and cost from $20-$60 on their website, and on Amazon they range from $30 to up to $80....

Fairfax Connector Bus accredited to Photographer Angela Woolsey

Fairfax Connector Workers Threaten Strike

Vix Kendley, Staff Writer January 10, 2024

Contract talks between Fairfax County transportation workers and their employer corporation are showing signs of  breaking down, potentially leading to a strike of almost 600 public bus drivers, union...

(Author: toyokaloona /トヨカローナ)


Glistening Elegance: Takara’s Jenny Doll Spellbinds All

Dania Hernandez, International Editor January 2, 2024

Barbie was launched in America in 1959 by Ruth Handler. The original dolls were manufactured and assembled by skilled Japanese artisans. Barbie’s Doll Production is an early instance of globalization,...

VTG Nuez de Roma K106 Personalizada Takara Japón Jenny Amiga Ellie Muñeca de Moda Barbie (Cortesía de Seraphic Muñecas y Juguetes, en Etsy; Minorista de Confianza, Hallazgo Raro)

Elegancia Resplandeciente: La Muñeca Jenny de Takara Hechiza a Todos

Dania Hernandez, Editora Internacional January 2, 2024

Barbie fue lanzada en América en 1959 por Ruth Handler. Las muñecas originales fueron fabricadas y ensambladas por hábiles artesanos japoneses. La producción de muñecas Barbie es un ejemplo temprano...

Former Heavyweight Champion of the World, Mike Tyson / Photographer: Robert Dibue (Getty Images)

From Street-Fighter to Elite Pugilist: Mike Tyson’s Rise to Greatness

Dania Hernandez, International Editor January 2, 2024

From the gritty streets of Brownsville to the pinnacle of boxing fame, the story of Michael Gerard Tyson is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Raised by a single mother in a world that offered...

Después de derrotar a Carl Williams en Atlantic City el 21 de julio de 1989, Mike Tyson mostró un bono de $100,000 del promotor Don King, prometido por cada nocaut. (Foto AP/Bruce Boyajian)

De Luchador Callejero a Púgil de Élite: El Ascenso de Mike Tyson a la Grandeza

Dania Hernandez, Editora Internacional January 1, 2024

Desde las calles difíciles de Brownsville hasta la cima de la fama del boxeo, la historia de Michael Gerard Tyson es un testimonio del espíritu humano indomable. Criado por una madre soltera en un mundo...

Formally reserved to Bandcamp.

Top Three Albums from the Main Genres of 2023

Kate Green and Anna Harris December 12, 2023

In the pop genre, the top three albums were 1989 (Taylor's Version), Gloria by Sam Smith and Endless Summer Vacation by Miley Cyrus. Released in October, 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is the number one...

Image by Dailybreak (Anna Cieslik)

Top 10 Christmas Movies

Anya Crevits, Staff Writer December 12, 2023

The winter season puts you in a cozy mood to sit around the TV with a warm cup of cocoa while it's snowing outside. Out of the hundreds or Christmas movies, the classics can’t be beat, but it can be...

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