Free SAT Practice

The official SAT Practice available on links to classroom learning and has great potential as a valuable tool and it is free! Khan Academy’s world-class practice tools are free for all students and include:

-Thousands of practice questions, reviewed and approved by the College Board
-Four official SAT Practice Tests written by the College Board
-Personalized recommendations for instruction and practice to help students fill their knowledge gaps

Now that students PSAT and SAT scores have been delivered or should be next week, students must link their accounts in order to have access to this resource. To help with the process, College Board has provided a video on their web site for students and families. Before you consider purchasing expensive test prep services, check this out first! Besides, College Board has now opened up a Sweepstakes now, for JUNIORS, that has as part of it’s criteria, plugging in to Khan for 12 hours. More info on that was sent in a separate email for JUNIORS last week! This scholarship/sweepstakes will be available for the next 5 years!

FREE phone apps include Ready4SAT, Ready4ACT, SATup, CrackSAT, and CrackACT. If you wish to find a test prep clas that you PAY for, there is a six page list posted on the Career Center bulletin board that students can take a picture of. FCPS employees cannot recommend or endorse a particular test prep company.

Fee Waivers for SAT/ACT. Now is the time for JUNIORS to start signing up for the SAT or ACT in the spring if they have taken Algebra II. IF you are a student who receives Free or Reduced Lunch, please see Mrs. Campbell in the Career Center for a test fee waiver. These must be obtained in advance to register for the test prior to the registration deadline; otherwise the waiver won\’t work! Students may qualify for one waiver for each test. Go to or to register.