Gold Over America Tour


Madeline Miller

Madeline Miller, Staff Writer

The Gold Over America Tour is a show full of outstanding gymnasts, phenomenal dancers, and visuals that are sure to intrigue all people! 

Taking place in 35-different cities, the Gold Over America Tour is definitely an event that sparks interest. Thirteen of the country’s greatest gymnasts, including Simone Biles, are put on the same floor to show off their amazing skills! This show was full of energy and excitement for anyone who attended.

Along with incredible skills and fun energy, they addressed the mental aspect behind gymnastics. They were sure to address Biles getting the twisties causing her to step back from the Olympics. They also talked about UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi’s struggles about body image. Poor mental health and body image are common in sports such as gymnastics. Many young girls have a difficult time comparing themselves to other girls in their gym. Hearing that even the best gymnasts in the world struggle with this definitely helps girls feel less alone. They also discussed ways around those thoughts and ways to improve your mentality. This segment of the show was very beneficial to many young athletes who were listening. 

This show also had plenty of music! There was always music that helped portray the message they were trying to send. It was obvious that there was a lot of time and effort being put into this show. There were no flaws, which given the level of difficulty, is incredible! 

The Gold Over America Tour was a fantastic event to attend! It was great for all ages, and never ceased to impress. This show was everything someone could have asked for in the event, and more! The Gold Over America Tour is not going to be forgotten by those who were present.