What students do (and can do) between classes


Image via US News & World Report

It is undeniable that students are constantly learning in every one of our classes and often deserve a nice “brain break”! The fact that students were given longer breaks in between classes this school year can be a lifesaver, even if it is just for a few short minutes. It’s easy to take breaks for granted, but students can be glad that they don’t have back-to-back classes!


A fair majority of students take breaks during class because they need to take their mind off from school and the computer. Looking at a screen all day is definitely not the way to go, so rest your eyes for a minute and step away! Some students said they prefer to go on short walks, a quick run, or go eat something during breaks in order to recharge.Some classmates shared, “I go on my phone and listen to music.” Did you know that listening to music significantly helps improve memory? This means listening to music between classes can help you get ready for your next class!


A lot of students are struggling to find motivation in the second semester, this year especially. Jotting down a few goals during breaks so that once you’re back in class you can see those goals and remember what you are working towards and how you are going to achieve that goal to the best of your ability. You can read more about goals to keep you on track this semester here.


Students spend a lot of time at home now and it’s important that they use their time effectively.