Ways to stay motivated in the second semester


Image via The New York Times

With the school year halfway over and winter just beginning, it can be hard to stay motivated. Here are some tips and tricks to finish the school year strong! Hopefully, these help you finish the school year strong and have a more productive second semester.


  • Take a study break: Study breaks have been proven to increase productivity and concentration. It also gives your brain a chance to relax and retain information better. Taking a study break and doing meditation or listening to music can help you feel refreshed when continuing your work. 


  • Make a to-do list: To-do lists are a great way to stay organized and help get ideas out of your head and on a page. They also help give an outline for your day and keep you on task. 


  • Change your environment:  In between classes or during your lunch break, you can try moving your school set-up to a new location. This may help you feel less confined to one space and stay more energized during the day.


  • Get dressed and ready for school: To start your day off strong, it may help to change out of your pajamas and get ready for the day ahead of you. This will help you begin the day with a fresh start, and can feel more comfortable throughout the school day. 
  • Don’t do homework in your bed: Doing homework or class in your bed has been shown to decrease your focus because it is typically associated with sleep and relaxation. You will be more prone to laziness or falling asleep, so it may benefit you to work in a different area! It will also help you to sleep better once the day is over. 
Image via The New York Times
  • Make a list of goals for the semester: A new semester is a great time to create new goals and try to achieve them. You can make them as simple as finishing an assignment before it is due or something larger like getting all A’s and B’s. Either way, goals are a great way to keep you on track for the year so you don’t lose motivation. 


  • Make your bed every day: Making your bed is easy and can be the first task you accomplish for the day. It takes less than five minutes and makes your room look and feel cleaner. It can also help you stay out of bed during school. 


  • Dedicate some time where you put your phone away to focus on schoolwork: Staying focused during online school can be difficult, but it might keep you motivated to move your phone away from your study space or out of the room in times when you need to pay attention. This can also help you work more productively and with fewer distractions.


  • Go outside and get fresh air or walk around in between your classes: It can be exhausting to sit in one spot during the entire school day, so try to get up and stretch or get some fresh air outside in between your classes. This can help you clear your mind and get ready for your next class.