Music Review: Sleigh Bells new single “Bitter Rivals”


“Bitter Rivals”, Sleigh Bells’ first new release since their smash hit 2012 album Reign of Terror, starts off slow, with strums on an acoustic-sounding guitar. This is a far cry from their noise-pop discography. As the intro to the song leads into the first verse, front woman Alexis Krauss’s dog, Rizla, is heard barking. This is a hint about the cacophony of guitars that is about to begin. Then Derek Miller starts shredding on his Jackson guitar (his brand of choice) and you feel like you’ve been transported back to 2010 when Bells released their debut album Treats.

In the video for “Bitter Rivals” (the title track off of their new album releasing October 8) Krauss is seen in a silk cheetah printed boxer robe with her signature stark black blunt bangs blowing in the wind but somehow always perfectly set. She’s seen throwing punches, a favorite dance move of hers which she uses in music videos and live performances. The song continues into a melodic chorus which is a very different element for Sleigh Bells to use.

Overall, “Bitter Rivals” brings you back to the band’s early days but also shows how Krauss and Miller’s dynamic has evolved and what that could mean for their future.

Sleigh Bells will perform at the 9:30 Club on November 19.