In the Spotlight: Chrome Sparks

In the Spotlight: Chrome Sparks

One-man electronic act, Chrome Sparks (Jeremy Malvin), is everything from tranquil to exhilarating.

In 2011, he self-released his debut album “My <3.” The lo-fi record is a perfect precursor to his recent releases. With the perfect balance between treble, bass, and melody, the seven tracks on “My <3” all shine in their own way. Malvin has a way of making each song grow within itself. Because the album is more lo-fi, each element can be individually distinguished but they all intertwine smoothly. A key song off of this debut is “All There Is (feat. Steffaloo).” The cynical lyrics are complimented by sweet bells and synth.

Last year, in 2013, Chrome Sparks self-released the EP “Sparks.” This sophomore release is quite a step from “My <3” in that it utilizes more down-tempo effects.  Malvin grew his style exponentially between the two records. More bass is used with echoed vocals to create an ambient atmosphere. Where Malvin hasn’t changed, is in his ability to make every song grow in unexpected directions (see “Send the Pain On”).

“Sparks” was the start of something new for Malvin because with that EP, he found his own unique sound. In April of this year, he released the EP “Goddess.” It was his first release on a label (Future Classic). This EP uses the good from both of his previous releases. This is exemplified on the track “Zzzzzz” which is up-tempo, uses ambient bass, and the sweet sounds abundant on “My <3.”

Chrome Sparks’ discography, although short, is a must listen. His music is low key enough that it’s helpful when studying but upbeat enough that’s still an interesting listen.