Back to the Future Part Two comparisons

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In the 1989 movie Back to the Future Part 2 , three of the characters, Marty McFly, Jennifer Parker, and Doc Brown, must travel to the year 2015 in order to save McFly’s and Parker’s future son from being thrown into jail. As seen in the trailer, they arrive in 2015 Oct. 21 by using the same DeLorean with a built in time machine that was seen in the first Back to the Future movie.

Though there are technically about eight more months until the time that this movie occurred, even when just looking at the trailer, it is reasonable to say some of these predictions that the writers of this movie made will not come true.

When you watch the trailer one of the first differences that is seen as soon as the characters arrive in 2015 is the use of flying cars. Flying cars are a topic that has been discussed for many years but is yet to come true.

Another prediction that is yet to come true is the creation of hoverboards. During the characters’ time in 2015, in order to avoid being caught by a few bullies from the future who believe he is his son, McFly takes what he expected to be a scooter from a little girl.

It is not until McFly has it in his hands and is staring down at it that he realizes it is actually a hoverboard. Other gadgets that were supposed to be created by 2015 that are not seen in the trailer include power lacing shoes and so much more.

The movie writers did not get everything wrong, though. Some of the sporting event predictions, such as who will win the World Series, are still possible because only time will tell if those can or will come true. On the other hand, the fancier inventions, such as flying cars and hoverboards, are not likely to be created and open to the public for quite a while.

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