Movie Review: ‘Sully’



Thursday January 15th, 2009 was the occurrence of what was known as “the miracle on the Hudson.” Pilot Captain Chelsey Sullenberger had done the unthinkable; he landed a US Airways plane, flight 1549, on the Hudson River in New York City.


155 souls were on flight 1549, and not one of them was killed throughout the duration of the landing or rescue. Chelsey Sullenberger was known as a hero by many, however the 2016 “Sully” movie revealed the controversy behind Sullenberger’s decision to land the plane on the river.


“Sully” stars Tom Hanks as Chelsey Sullenberger, the pilot who made the emergency landing on the Hudson river. After both engines being destroyed from a bird strike in the air within the first three minutes of the flight, coming from LaGuardia Airport in New Jersey. Captain Sullenberger is faced with the decision of going to two alternate airports; due to his experience flying he decided he had no choice but to land the plane in the Hudson. After the ice cold water splashing up into the audience’s sight, awakening a visual, and suspenseful connection between the theater, and the real events of the jolting plane meeting the arctic water; Sullenberger is confronted with the backlash from the airline’s insurance, and his forty-two years of experience flying is questioned, with the threat of his wings being debarred.


The movie ends with the reunion of the passengers of flight 1549, as well as Sullenberger, and his co-pilot Skiles meeting again. This scene showcases the connection between the passengers and pilots, and how they look back on that fateful day on the Hudson.