3 things to do this weekend (10/13 – 10/14)


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The US Capitol Building in Washington DC, at an angle, over some trees. The beautiful dome stretches up into the blue sky with scattered clouds.

Miranda Sandoval, staff writer

1.) Take advantage of Culpeper Downtown Restaurant Week in Culpeper, Virginia! Once again, enjoy a prix fixe menu featuring the best food in Culpeper. Participating restaurants include Natraj Indian Cuisine, Piedmont Virginia Steakhouse, Uncle Elder’s Family Restaurant BBQ, Grass Rootes Kitchen, The Copper Fish, Flavor on Main, It’s About Thyme, and Foti’s. I suggest going to the Copper Fish to try their Blackened Norwegian Salmon, ’cause we all know that the best salmon comes from Norway. Plus, you get an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for only $30!
To learn more about Restaurant Week, see: http://www.culpeperdowntown.com/.
If you’re interested in The Copper Fish, see http://www.thymeinfo.com/the-copper-fish.

2.) Budding journalists and reporters must explore the Double Exposure Festival in Washington, D.C.! Founded by news organization 100 Reporters, they are the “first and only film festival dedicated to investigative reporting on film” which “brings together watchdog journalists and filmmakers venturing into investigative storytelling.” These journalists and filmmakers include Hilke Schellman, Poh Si Teng, Mark Greenblatt, Maxim Pozdorovkin, Edward Klaris, Lisa Zycherman, Sarah Matthews, Theodore Frank, and over 27 others. Watch the screenings of thrilling films like Watergate, Roll Red Roll, Into the Deep Fake, The Unafraid, The Truth About Killer Robots, and many more. Most importantly, you’ll get to meet and form connections with professionals that can help you succeed in the media (funders, producers, distributors, media outlets, reporters, writers, directors, you name it)!
Investigate https://doubleexposurefestival.com/ to find out more juicy details.

3.)Bring the family and come to the grand opening of the National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington, D.C.! The admission will be free, so why not? This weekend is supposed to be really rainy, so it’s best to stay inside. Besides, they have plenty of cool exhibits and over 20,000 law-related objects on display to provide you with an experience to “walk in the shoes” of law enforcement heroes. On that day only, they’ll also have live entertainment, face painting, and photo booths. If you’re feeling parched or need a pick-me-up after walking around the museum, head on over to their café.