“HOCO” turns into “FOCO”


Even if online school is your new favorite thing, most highschool students can agree that they miss at least one thing from being able to go into the building every day. Whether it’s seeing their friends, getting a hands-on lesson, or practicing for sports, many people miss school more than they ever thought they would. Recently, highschool kids have become pretty creative with coming up with COVID-safe highschool activities.


The fall season in highschool is probably one of the most exciting parts of the year: football season ramps up, and spirit week, pep rallies and homecoming events are always the most anticipated activities of the season. This year, unfortunately, the pandemic has put a halt to everything that makes fall, well, fun. Sports games are put on hold, and without crowds, who are the cheerleaders meant to cheer for? Not to mention they can’t do their amazing stunting tricks six feet apart from one another. 


Sadly, there is also no way a school dance could ever work out, not in a single gymnasium, not even with masks. Homecoming is a staple of the highschool experience, yet this year most seniors are left bummed that they can’t have their last one, and freshmen are down about the cancelation of their first one.


Still students did everything they could to avoid giving up their right to have fun, even in this diseased world. A few small groups of students from different schools, and different grade levels got together and took homecoming into their own hands. “FOCO” is what they called it─ for short of “Fake-homecoming.” This idea spread to others and inspired small FOCO gatherings all around the area. These gatherings only consisted of a maximum of 15 people where friends would dress up in their typical formal dresses and suits and ties, or any homecoming attire of their choice. Pictures were taken, of course, but the after parties looked a little different. Most groups didn’t throw down like they typically would any other year, instead they kept it at a safe hangout between 10 or so people. 


Although a lot of Fairfax County schools are okay with the innovative get togethers, some schools prohibited these gatherings, since they’re still leaning in-person. In some areas of the country, these gatherings were bigger and maskless, leading to big outbreaks.


Not only did this creative twist on homecoming save the fall season, but it salvaged the highschool spirit of most discouraged students during this 2020 school year!