Best ways to relax during winter break


Madison Kauffman, Staff Writer

Life during the holidays, for many of us, has always been stressful. Now, the holidays include the added pressures of COVID-19. It seems that most of the benefits of the holidays, like  spending time with friends and family, are no longer possible. This leaves many of us feeling stressed and irritable. However, quarantine has given many of us an opportunity to take some time for ourselves and relax. Here are some suggestions on how to unwind during the holidays!


Start a New Series

Another great opportunity to unwind during the holiday is to start a new television series! You can watch it by yourself, or you could use a group-watch to watch it with somebody else. For example, Disney+ has a very simple group-watch feature that allows its user to watch a movie or show with somebody else as long as they also own Disney+. 


Start a Journal

A great way to unwind would be to start writing in a journal. Journal writing can give you a safe space to express your feelings and process them in a healthy way. It can give you can opportunity to try and solve problems without as much pressure from the outside world. Additionally, the time you spend writing can give you an opportunity to spend some time with yourself.



What would the holidays be without cooking? A great way to unwind during the holidays is to take some time to yourself and start baking. Whether it’s starting a new recipe, or baking something you’ve made a hundred times, baking can be a great opportunity to remove yourself from whatever is worrying you and have some fun!

Let it snow... Cookies! - Glorious Treats
Image via Glorious Treats


Meditation is an amazing way to unwind. All you need to do is sit down, put on some music, clear your mind, and relax. During the holidays, you have the added bonus of being able to listen to holiday-themed music! Meditation allows you to have a moment to yourself, and it is a great tool for relaxation because it gives you time away from your thoughts.


Light Shows

Light shows are a great opportunity to have some social-distanced fun with your family. A great light show nearby is the 2020 Bull Run Festival of Lights at Nova Parks. They open Monday-Thursday 5:30 pm-7:30 pm, or 7:30 pm-9:30 pm Friday-Sunday. Since the light show is open every night, it’s great for busy families!

Bull Run Festival of Lights | Nova Parks
Image via Nova Parks