Student company spreads warmth with Baba Blankets


Image via Baba Blanket

Camilla Wynes, Staff Writer

As COVID-19 rages on and our longing to see loved ones grows stronger by the day, a Junior Achievement company coming from 19 students at South Lakes hopes to provide comfort and spread love. Love is a warm and comfortable feeling and blankets are warm and comfortable objects, they’re like a safer alternative to a hug. 


Not only are these blankets warm and soft, but they spread some serious good. Baba Bankets is donating 20% of profits to a charitable place of their choice. This month they’re donating to the South Lakes food pantry. In addition to this, you can buy a blanket to donate from their website, linked here. If you’d prefer to just donate monetarily, that is also an option. 


On top of being charitable, they’ve partnered with Beloved Yoga to promote wellness. They show this through their lovingly made customizable handwritten notes that go along with every blanket.

Image via Baba Blanket

Ordering is simple and they have tons of fun festive items along with their normal stock. You don’t need to have any concerns about distribution. “We are distributing in several different ways. First of all, we have local delivery, secondly, we have school pickup, and lastly we have a long distance shipping option.” Anthony Giordano, sales team says “In each of these, however, we will be going above and beyond the standards set in place for the COVID-19 virus to ensure the safety of all of our customers, which is something we value very highly.”


Below are the current product options, although some are out of stock because the demand is high for a student run business.

Image via Baba Blanket