Reston takes on LuminoCity


Photo via Lumino City Festival

The famous LuminoCity is being brought out of New York City for the first time and taking place in Reston. LuminoCity is a unique outdoor light display festival that is rooted from the tradition of Chinese lanterns.This event started three years ago in New York and has been a huge success. The festival in New York attracts thousands of individuals every year to enjoy the vibrant displays. 

It started Friday, October 15th, locals of Reston were able to attend LuminoCity at Roer’s Zoofari.The goal behind LuminoCity was to create an unforgettable experience using lights and imagination. The theme this year is animals, including famous petstars seen on social media such as TurboRoo and Navy and Duke. “Lumis Utopia ”, the name of the event, covers work of artists from New York and Virginia. They draw two-dimensional designs, which are then transformed into 3-D light sculptures. It is a wonderland of lights, with massive displays where holiday spirit meets your imagination. 

Excitement rises as the beginning of the festival takes place.“ We are so excited to be one of the only two locations to host the 2021 LuminoCity Festival, ”said the CEO of Zoofari, Vanessa Roer. One is able to attend any day until January, 2022 from 6:00 PM-9:00 PM. As one wanders around the Zoofari walk-through area, they are able to view this beautifully rare form of art. There are African, Asian, and Arid themed sculptures. No one will not want to miss out on this incredible experience! Check out their website for more information.