Blue Ridge Parkway: a fall must


Photo via Moment/Getty Images

Madeline Miller, Staff Writer

During the fall season, everyone is looking for a place to take a rewarding drive, look at beautiful scenery, and pick the perfect spot for a great hike.  For all of this and more, the Blue Ridge Parkway is the place for you. This drive is the perfect family friendly place that is sure to please anyone who adores the fall.

Between the 469-mile road and the 369-miles of hiking trails, there is no shortage of activities to do or places to see. This parkway also includes campsites and bike trails for those who wish to spend multiple days in the mountains. There are many activities to pursue while on this parkway.

If you find yourself on this drive, you will notice that there is a speed limit of 45mph. This standard is enforced to ensure that drivers and their passengers enjoy  the sights around them, while also providing a safety factor, as sharp winds climb up to roads 6,053 feet above ground.

During Covid, these roads and trails became incredibly popular. There was little risk of coming in contact with other people and still allowed you to be out of the house. Due to its rise in popularity, the parkway is subject to crowding. In order to avoid these crowds, you can find tips on the Blue Ridge Parkway Association app. 

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a wonderful way to get out of the house and see how beautiful nature truly is. It can be a good family bonding experience, or a great way to get out with some friends. If you ever find yourself bored or in need of some outdoor time, remember this local, gorgeous drive that is sure to leave you at peace.