Thanksgiving Traditions for SLHS Students


Thanksgiving is a holiday made for family, food, and traditions! Some people overlook Thanksgiving, but it definitely has some great perks!

There are multiple shows and traditions that people take part in on Thanksgiving Day. Families often watch the classic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the morning, followed by the National Dog Show in the afternoon. People also enjoy playing football, or just catching up with family and friends. And not to forget the delicious thanksgiving meal in the evening!

“My whole family joins together for one, nice Thanksgiving meal at around 4 p.m,” South Lakes freshman Kara Rankin says. Alongside common traditions, many families make their own. It is common to find families who have their own unique activities they participate in during this holiday. These are often based on surrounding holidays that a family might celebrate. Some people may get an early start to winter holidays, others may celebrate birthdays, and some make their own! Thanksgiving is a perfect time to make memories and traditions that your family will continue for years to come!

“The day after Thanksgiving every year, we get each other presents that get us ready for the holidays,” Kara mentions. “It’s not a big gift, it’s just like little trinkets like a snowglobe or some wrapping paper.”

The most common tradition celebrated on Thanksgiving is the meal. For centuries, people have acknowledged this holiday by preparing and eating a large, delicious feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.  Many families may prepare other unique foods, but no matter its contents,  this meal is a staple to the November holiday.

“My family makes smoked salmon for my pescatarian parents, and it’s really good. My grandma also makes these blue corn muffins that are delicious,” Kara adds.

This holiday is a great opportunity to see family and reflect on everyone’s gratitude over the past year. Many wonderful memories are created and traditions are celebrated on Thanksgiving.