DJ Khaled’s New Album ‘God Did’


Aidan Thomas, Staff Writer

DJ Khaled’s highly anticipated album, God Did, finally released on August 25th. The 18-song album features artists like Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem and many more. This is now DJ Khaled’s 13th executively produced album. 


God Did, surprisingly differs from the 2021 Khaled Khaled. Both albums use similar beats and drums, but Khaled focuses more on pop and melody, while God Did features more trap, hip-hop and explicit sounds. 


DJ Khaled is known for the amazing artists that feature on his tracks. Although this is an explicit album, DJ Khaled features some melodic guests that calmly blend with his hip-hop produced beats. 


On track 3, “Use This Gospel”, DJ Khaled Remixes a Kanye West song off of his most recent album, Donda 2, and features Emine. DJ Khaled’s craft is clearest as he adds Eminem over chiming hi-hats and rolling drums. Eminem’s fast, lyrical flow and Kanye West’s melodic chorus really reveals this track’s high quality sound.


DJ Khaled’s 15th track “Juice WRLD DID”, features the late Juice WRLD who passed away in December of 2019. Juice WRLD’s smooth flow blends perfectly with the upbeat melody on this track. This would be one of Juice WRLD’s  many posthumous features on another person’s album. 


Social media had mixed reactions to God Did on its release night. Many Twitter users were disappointed with the quality of the tracks nearing the end of the album. With lesser known features like Vory and Jadakiss, most people stop listening to the album after the 15th track. 


Although the reviews on social media were mostly negative, DJ Khaled’s God Did sold 107K streams first week and charted #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. According to DJ Akademiks, DJ Khaled is predicted to remain in the Hot 100 for the next 2 weeks because of his big-name features like Jay-Z and Kanye West.

In all, DJ Khaled’s God Did is a good listen. I’d recommend this album to people who don’t mind explicit words and like the hip-hop genre.