Time to ⚠️BeReal⚠️

Image via BeReal

Image via BeReal

Madeline Miller, Student Life Editor

As soon as the words “it’s time to be real” are announced, all other tasks are dropped. The mobile app BeReal is the newest social media platform to take over the lives of many young adults, and the booming app is showing no signs of slowing down. 


 Although similar to many other platforms where users  post  pictures with their friends, BeReal has one defining factor: You only have two minutes to take your picture. Due to the time restriction, people don’t  have enough time to take the “perfect picture “and instead they are forced to “be real” and share genuine snapshots of their life.

 Not only does BeReal make taking photos stress-free, it also offers overthinkers peace of mind. On other platforms such as Instagram, if your account is public, your post can be seen by anyone until you take it down, which can be stressful to decide. BeReal always removes your post within 24 hours, which limits it’s views, posts still get saved to a private folder, so you’re the only person able to view past posts. 


 BeReal also provides a sense of community. The notification announcing you can take your daily picture goes off at the same time for everyone, and If you know people who have the app, you can ask to be in their BeReal and take a cute picture together. Everyone taking pictures together provides great memories that get saved to your camera roll.


 BeReal is a great way for many teenagers to enjoy social media in a happy and safe way. The app allows for memories to be made, realistic pictures to be shared, and just a generally good environment for people to be in. From now on, make sure to listen to the words “It’s time to BeReal!”