John Mayer solo tour 2023

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Nau Hernandez, Staff Writer

The award-winning and world announced Guitar Player, John Mayer, announced his new solo tour, exciting fans alike. After nine albums with the most recent Sob Rock coming out late 2021, and then touring a year later with his band. John is on his way to bring something new to the table, a new tour that will soon astonish his fans. Teased all the way back on January 19th with just one post and one singular comment. The post had one date plastered on it “1.26.” The comment that was with the post had all but one thing to say “It wasn’t time until it was.” with a ticket emoji right on the side of it. Fans speculated at the time that it was maybe a new album tease or a future event, but it became apparent that it was something big. It would be like this until the date came up.


On Thursday, January 26th, a post was posted on Instagram with an announcement about a new tour. The John Mayer solo tour. Opening acts from JP SAXE, Joy Oladokun and Alec Benjamin. 19 tour dates starting March 11th in Newark, New Jersey, and ending on April 14th in Los Angeles, California. The comment under the post read “I began my career on stage with only a guitar and a microphone. A lot has changed since then, but I knew one day I’d feel it in my heart to do an entire run of shows on my own again, just like those early days. It took a couple of decades, but I feel it now. I’ll be playing old songs. Newer songs. Songs you haven’t heard yet that I’ll be testing – all on acoustic, electric, and piano.” The following day John posted an alternative post with the tour dates talking about the positive feedback: “I’m blown away by the response to this tour announcement. I guess the wait was worth it for all of us. This is going to be special…. See you soon. I’ve got some dream setlists to do..” 


So far, John Mayer has gone to 5 of the 19 concerts in this tour and the fans love it. Songs are being played all the way back from his first EP to his new album, Sob Rock. This concert is segmented in three distinct sections. Playing first the acoustic guitar, then moving to the piano, and finally bringing out the double neck guitar. This concert is a love letter to any guitar fan or to anyone who loves a classic street performance live on stage.