Arnold Schwarzenegger retires from the Terminator

image via Orion pictures

Cameron, J. (1984). The Terminator. Orion Pictures

Ever since Terminator was released in 1984, directed by James Cameron, the sci-fi thriller became an epochal classic. Terminator was groundbreaking of its era, and the film infused revolutionary facets of hard-hitting action and science fiction. Arnold Schwarzenegger is best known for portraying the imperishable T-800. Schwarzenegger told the Hollywood Reporter the franchise was not done, however, he is. Arnold says it is time to diverge himself away from the film which popularized him in the 80s. He vouches to make his announcement clear and to reach as many people as possible. The franchise’s first sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day was reportedly easier to script compared to the first film.


Schwarzenegger is done with the Terminator franchise and he is the only actor to debut in the six installments. The only film he did not appear in was Terminator 3: The Rise of Machines (2003). The former bodybuilding champion has appeared in over 40 films and his highest earnings are from the franchise movies. In mass audience opinions, Terminator 2 was best due to the quality change in script. Audiences relished T-800 being a good guy this whole time, and he is known for his catchphrase: “I’ll be back.” He recalls the phrase often being mocked and he feels that it was a mistake to say such a thing. Throughout the Terminator’s filming, Schwarzenegger often argued with Cameron on character dialogue, however, this led Arnold into frustration. He was forced to perform catchphrase retakes to Cameron’s command. Surprisingly, Arnold had only 17 lines in the first film, and in later films, this increased.


James Cameron has been criticized for the films he has directed as of this new era to the disfavor of his audiences. The Terminator series has been criticized for its extended sequels displeasing the heart of the masses. Many fans heartily loved the first and second film and Terminator 2: Judgment Day featured Guns N’ Roses. As some may know, T-800 carried a box of roses with a shotgun inside, paying tribute to the rock band. Even still with Arnold’s departure, there are many plans and events currently going on outside of the Terminator franchise. 


Arnold consistently stuck with his established workout routine and as of now, he has recently starred in Netflix’s FUBAR. As of most recently, Schwarzenegger attained the position of Netflix’s Chief Executive Officer and he oversees action films. His income is derived from economic lucrative negotiations from contracts, business ventures, and real-estate investments. Even with the departure news, Arnold has many active projects, and it is likely we’ll be seeing more of it!