Art Spotlight: Sarai Galla-Cruz

Sophia Landeryou, Student Life Editor

Sarai Galla-Cruz, a senior, started taking art classes in 7th grade and soon fell in love with it. She wanted to take it again in high school and instead of taking Art 1, she showed her work to Mr. Ravenstahl and was put into Art 2 and 3. She got all of her work done fast so that she was able to check the other art classes out, and that’s how she stumbled upon Ceramics. She soon became enticed by the creativity and skill needed for it.

From taking this Ceramics class she has learned many new techniques. She stated, “It is a lot more than just sticking a piece of clay in the kiln. There is a whole creative process behind it, and then lots of technique and skill to make it. Even then it still might not turn out the way you want, you just keep trying.” Her biggest take-away from her ceramics class is how to express herself through her artwork; she uses it as a way to express her emotions and de-stress after a hard class.

Galla-Cruz developed her skills from constantly practicing and trying new things.
“I also learned from other students styles, that better helped me improve my own,” she stated.

Her favorite project so far this year occurred around Halloween, when students were asked to make their own monster out of clay. “I used a movie that I watched when I was younger as inspiration for my own type of monster. It was really original and I was excited with how mine turned out,” Galla-Cruz explained.