Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Saylor

Sydney Cook, staff writer

Ms. Saylor has been an art teacher here at South Lakes for the past 24 years. Her attraction to art started in second grade, when her teacher caught a glimpse of her artwork and told her mother that she has talent. She recalled that she had to settle for business classes because her high school did not allow her to take art as an elective, which really bothered due to her growing passion for art. It was then that Ms. Saylor realized she wanted to become an art teacher in order to give students a chance to pursue their passion for creating art.

She attended college to major in Art Education and went on to teach IB Art, Art 2, Art 3 and Photography – though she currently teaches Digital Art. In her free time, Ms. Saylor creates t-shirts and works on designing houses for potential home-buyers.

“My students fuel my own art,” said Ms. Saylor of what she likes most about teaching art. Many of her students love to get very creative with their artwork assignments. When they come up with different ways to make art, it inspires her to create artwork of her own. Ms. Saylor wants her students to always carry around a pencil or a camera – but most importantly, she wants her students to continue being creative.