Student interns aid Virginia senator

Charlotte Smith, Weekly Wall editor

For the 2011 Virginia Senate race, two South Lakes students were chosen to intern for the State Senator Mark Herring.

Herring has served as a senator for the State of Virginia since 2006.  A Democrat, he currently represents the 33rd District, made up of parts of Fairfax and Loudoun Counties.

During his tenure in the Senate, Herring worked to advocate technology-based economic developments, including transportation and road projects.

A few months ago, Herring sent out a notice to local high schools that internships were available for young Democrats.  The program is called the Fairfax Democratic Internship.

Juniors Dory Deweese and Scott Confer were notified about the program opportunity through an email from career specialist Karen Burke.

“Mrs. Burke sent an email in the middle of September about it,” said Deweese.  “I sent in my application to see if it was any good.”

Deweese and Confer sent in applications during the month of September.  High school applicants were required to have volunteer experience, computer knowledge, and social skills.

Both students met the criteria and were accepted to the program.  The Fairfax Democrat Internship started over a month ago and will continue until Election Day, November 8.

Deweese’s main job is to fundraise for Herring.  She spends her weekends with other interns walking around neighborhoods and knocking on doors.

“I do canvassing,” said Deweese.  “It’s fun, but it’s still a fundraiser.  I enjoy it and definitely recommend it.”

While Deweese is endorsing Herring, Confer helps out in the office.

“I mainly just do busywork,” said Confer.  “I enter data.”

Both students agree that the internship provides them with great political experience.

“I’m learning a lot about campaigning,” said Confer.  “I enjoy it, and it gives me a lot of service hours.”

Both students spoke positively of Herring.

“He’s a really nice guy,” said Deweese.  “But he doesn’t act as much as a politician as I would have thought. I would vote for him.”