QRU? Junior Kadira Saadiq

Charlotte Smith, weekly wall editor

Whether its stripes, sequins, or sparkles, junior Kadira Saadiq knows all about fashion.

What is your passion?

I like to design and make clothes, it’s my favorite thing to do.

Do you want to go into the fashion industry?

Yes, I want to be a fashion designer. For college, I want to go to Howard or Parsons for design school.

What have you made?

I usually design dresses, but I’ve made a couple of shirts and other designs for people. Last year for my MYP Project I made a photo dress.

What did the photo dress look like?

The top was canvass with photos printed on it, which I weaved together. The bottom was hard photos that I had cut out and put together.

How often do you make clothes?

I do it whenever I feel like it, I make about one thing every month.

What was the last thing you made?

The last thing I made was a brown empire dress.