Mental Health Week to kick off on April 7th

Sami Saab, graphics editor

Sami Saab, graphics editor

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This year’s Mental Health Week, a time dedicated to mental well being, will be starting April 7th and lasting through to the 11th.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday 4/7/14-Welcome to Mental Wellness Week! (Activity Jeopardy)
Tuesday 4/8/14-Laugh More/Stress Less…laughing and other ways to distress
Wednesday 4/9/14-Recognize Your Superhero! (internal strengths that help you through hard times and external supports that help you through hard times)…also, recognize the signs and symptoms of Depression and know where/how to get help!
Thursday 4/10/14-Cyber Smarts-internet/cyber safety…photo opt with Seymour-tweet your photo #cyberseymour
Friday 4/11/14-What Will YOU Do?…Mental Wellness Wheel Pledge…make a pledge of what you will do to stay mentally well! (ideas/sections of the wheel: positive relationships, express yourself, get creative, exercise, rest&relaxation, healthy living/diet, etc)

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