2022 Halloween Costumes


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 As Halloween approaches, the hunt for a costume is on! Although the number of costumes is plentiful, there are definitely a few that will be selling out this year. 


 The first costume that is predicted to be very popular is Eddie Munson from Stranger Things. Since season 4 of the show came out in July, many people have been obsessing over this character. Between his unique style and even more unique personality, people are sure to be dressing up as Munson for Halloween.


The next costume is also from a tv show that took over many people’s lives this year: Maddy from Euphoria. This character has a sassy, fearless personality with a bold sense of style that makes it hard to not love her. It’s safe to say many people have this costume planned, matching her individuality.


The most recent Minions movie was released in July, and was an instant hit. theaters were filled with teenagers who went to see the movie either dressed as a minion or in formal attire, so chances are the costume will carry over to Halloween too. Even besides that, The Rise of Gru was a great family movie, so a lot of little kids may wear the costume too.                                                                                                            


 This year, the movie that made the most money and got some of the best reviews was Top Gun: Maverick. The two main characters, Maverick and Rooster, are both daring, kind, and strong people so it is probable that there will be people dressing as them. There is also a bold female character, Phoenix, who proves she is just as strong as the guys, so many girls may dress as her as well. Because of the large triumph this movie achieved, there are bound to be people dressing as the characters for Halloween.


 This past year has brought many opportunities for creative costumes. This Halloween will be a great opportunity to see all of these creative ideas come to light for all ages. Make sure to take note of these great costumes this Halloween season!