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Niki’s Guide: never take the easy way out

Niki May, entertainment editor

February 10, 2014

Students often come into predicaments both socially, academically, or in athletic situations when they must choose between the more glamorous option and the morally correct one. High school intends not only to shape people into students, but into members of society as well. Getting a poor grade...

Niki’s Guide: respect teachers

Niki May, entertainment editor

January 27, 2014

Confrontation with teachers and faculty proves difficult for many students. Despite which party was right or wrong, students must give teachers the respect necessary to solve conflict. South Lakes has a liberal attitude that allows students to speak freely to their teachers. Students have the ability...

Niki’s Guide: power through second quarter

Niki May, entertainment editor

January 16, 2014

As the third quarter of the school year quickly approaches, students may begin to feel burned out. Seniors especially tired out from the many years of work, more rigorous classes, and “senioritis.” Luckily, students can take a deep breath because the end of the excessive weight of schoolwork...

Niki’s Guide: do homework with friends

Niki May, entertianment editor

December 11, 2013

Students can benefit from doing homework with friends or at school. Teachers and friends can assist students in staying focused and with answering questions the student may have. Be sure to pick a friend that will not contribute to distraction, but rather eliminate it. The goal, to establish a social...

Niki’s Guide: succeed at snow days

Niki’s Guide: succeed at snow days

Niki May, entertainment editor

December 9, 2013

Take advantage of snow days. Students were given an extra day at home due to bad weather conditions today. Although many used this as an opportunity to relax at home, it could have also been used as a day to get ahead in schoolwork. It is unlikely that there will be only one snow day. Keep a note...

Niki’s Guide: stay motivated

Niki May, entertainment editor

December 2, 2013

Students often face difficulties getting motivated. However, the real challenge lies in staying motivated during wintertime. Winter weather causes some to neglect their school work and curl up in a blanket and watch TV. Luckily, methods exist to eliminate the drag of the December weather. As...

Niki’s Guide: give thanks

Niki May, entertainment editor

November 25, 2013

Give thanks this holiday. It can be easy to neglect the purpose of Thanksgiving while staring down a buffet of meats, stuffing, gravy, and desserts. Furthermore, students and families use the weekend to get big deals on gifts for the holidays. This year, try and focus on the purpose. Remember that...

Niki’s Guide: broaden horizons

Niki May, entertainment editor

November 21, 2013

Students who are excited to attend school and love their peers and extracurricular activities can stop reading here. However, not all students have the pleasure of enjoying all the moments spent at school and the people they spend it with. Participate in activities outside the school to allow for...

Niki’s Guide: back to the basics

Niki May, entertainment editor

November 19, 2013

Take a moment to return to the basics every once in a while. Everyone read children’s books as a kid, however many students fail to emulate the basic morals portrayed in these tales. Do not cheat. Be nice. Respect adults. Try hard. These basics were taught to all students in elementary school to...

Niki’s Guide: leave the sweats at home

Niki May, entertainment editor

November 13, 2013

As winter quickly approaches, students migrate towards sweats for warmth and comfort. Although it may make for a happier walk to the bus stop, sweats can alter the way students work. Naturally wearing gray, dull sweatpants and a hooded sweatshirt, one will have a more calm approach on the day. Calm...

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