Reston MLK celebration; concerts, community service, and more!


Evie Mohan, Staff Writer

Fairfax County just had one of the most blessed kinds of weekends – a long weekend! Sadly, the national holiday comes at the death of a great man. On Monday the 20th, Martin Luther King Jr. was struck down by an assassin, ending his long career working for social change and civil rights. The minister studied the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and many other famous humanitarians, and he passionately argued for civil rights and his dream of a world without bias or prejudice. 


In honor of him, Reston threw a massive celebration in the spirit of the man himself. There were key speakers, and community service, as well as concerts and an opportunity to get credit for your service hours. It was a nice option for weekend activities, in lieu of sitting at home, doing nothing. 


Last Saturday, the day started off with the commencing of clean-up projects, and food drives, ending in a dinner and concert for the volunteers. On Sunday and Monday, the event was completely devoted to the voices of activists in our community, sharing their experiences and expressing their own opinions and views. 


If you missed it this time, look out for it next year! It is a great experience, especially with a group of friends. This event marked Reston Community Center’s 35th annual celebration of the amazing dreamer and activist Martin Luther King Jr.