Bow Tie Cinemas Leaves RTC

Image via FFXnow

Image via FFXnow

Paige Paulikonis, Staff Writer

The famous Bow Tie Cinemas in Reston Town Center plans to close in May, and have not renewed its lease this year. The Bow Tie Cinemas has been a main attraction for those who visit the Reston area ever since replacing the Rave Cinema in 2011. The theater was shut down during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic before reopening on Memorial Day Weekend. 


The theater’s regulars have noticed delayed showings and maintenance issues. However, the exact cause for the closure is unknown. The theater was able to attract a wider area of people, including Loudon County residents, due to the diverse selection of movies shown, such as mainstream hits, art films, documentaries and foreign language films. It is sad to see Bow Tie Cinemas close, but exciting to see what is to come.


Luckily, a new theater plans to open in  Reston Town Center. Sapna Yathraj, a spokesperson forBoston Properties stated that they “completed a lease with a new theater operator late last year.” The company has not released any other information and declined to speak on the name of the new theater.