Gilded Glamor or Guilty Clamor: MET Gala Fashion Recap


Photo via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

This year’s Met Gala was not an event to miss. Between the stunning outfits and the informative interviews, it was sure to keep people interested!

The Met Gala is an event that’s main purpose is to get everyone attending in their best outfits. It is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the proceeds go towards the museum’s costume institute. The event is more similar to a red carpet event than a fashion show, however the better the outfit the better the event. In order to go, a person either receives an invite or pays a fee of around $35,000. Once in, the next step is to plan an outfit. Each year, there is a theme that the outfits should be based off of, however many people treat it as more of a suggestion. This year’s theme was Gilded Glamor. When at the Met Gala, there is a path for the attendees to walk on, with paparazzi surrounding them on both sides.

Blake Lively had an outfit that seemed very on theme and elegant. She managed to have an outfit change while on carpet, turning a beautiful dress into an even better one. She is always able to wear beautiful things without looking “over the top”. She has also been known to somehow match her dress to the varying colors of the carpet for this event. She seemed to be one of the best dressed at this event, especially when considering the theme.

On the other hand, Sebastian Stan wore a nearly blinding outfit. Wearing hot pink head-to-toe, it did not seem like he followed the theme very closely. He also went with a baggier outfit, which added more fabric to the already bright look. When it comes to Gilded Glamor this is not what most people think of, but it definitely made an impression.

Kim Kardashian wore one of the most iconic dresses to the Gala. When just looking at the dress it seems pretty subtle and toned down for the event, but not when you find out the meaning behind it. The dress Kim wore had been previously worn by Marilyn Monroe. This dress was worn by Monroe when she sang “Happy Birthday” to former president John F. Kennedy. Although impactful, by wearing this dress it takes away some of the wonder to it. Now the dress will more commonly be known as Marilyn’s dress that Kim wore, instead of just Marilyn’s dress.

As one of the youngest guests there, Olivia Rodrigo, really had to step up to the plate. She wore a very simple, yet on theme, dress with gloves that took up her whole arm. The dress she wore was purple with butterfly clips as a hair accessory. This outfit was very on theme for her and her whole brand, but she definitely classed it up for the event she was attending.

The outfits this year did not disappoint those who were watching. Although there were good and bad, there is no denying that most guests put in effort to look their best and wear their best clothes. Given the outstanding outfits this year, I know it made many people excited for what next year might bring.