How teachers and students feel about Schoology



Schoology is the new app that FCPS is using to manage classroom assignments and reminders. It’s brand new to most teachers and students at South Lakes High School so I will be gathering opinions from both points of view. 

Personally, I believe that Google Classroom was much better. I came to FCPS in the tenth grade from a county that had used Google Classroom since I was in middle school. I had to get used to Blackboard before COVID and Schoology after COVID. 

Gable Pelletier, a senior at South Lakes, says “Schoology has been mostly confusing because it seems kind of messy, but I’m getting used to it.” He also adds that he likes Google Classroom more “because it was better organized and worked well with google apps.”

Tiffany Welborn, a teacher at South Lakes, notes that “Schoology has worked out fine for me, the reason being is I taught summer school, and got to use it this summer. When this fall school year started I was able to hit the ground running.” She also adds, “I liked Google Classroom better because I have been using classroom for a long time and I am a Google Certified Educator (GCE). I know the ins and outs of Google Classroom much better.” 

Throughout the past 18 months, South Lakes has gone through 3 different teaching models, Blackboard Collaborate, Google Classroom, and Schoology, which is very hard on the students and teachers. From what I have heard all over school, South Lakes students do not seem to be fans of Schoology. Google Classroom seems to win overall, but only time will tell what prevails.